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Name: Noelia "PonySnowBall" Reyes Bello

YouTube nicknames (Bold are the channels that are currently active): SuperSnoopyNoelia (for SML-like Content), HuskyChu (for audio-drama/fan-dub/cover-song content), Katoons (for story-time content), GoldHare Studios (for comic-dub content; Formerly Glitchy Paw), PonySnowBall/PonSnow (for WereWolf content) and Senhora Retsagali.

Birth: 14/05/2005

Pronouns: They/Them

Nationality: Chilean

Sex: Non-Binary (Formerly female) and Ponygender

Sexuality: Bisexual/Fictosexual/Cartosexual

Multi-fandom universe name: Wolfy-Verse

Current YT fave: MovieUnleashers, WolfyChu, Jacksepiceye, VincentBit and SuperMarioLogan

What I do on here (Including YouTube, DeviantArt and WattPad):

  1. Draw
  2. Make journals/status's
  3. Create screenshot edits
  4. Animate
  5. Write fanfics about a character

What I DON'T accept requests if they contain these:

  1. Art out of fandoms that i hate
  2. Make Pony Life fanart (I left the fandom because it ruined Friendship Is Magic!)
  3. Roleplay on old art (Because that kinda made me an attention seeker) (But sometimes?)

RP status: Drama, Gay/Lesbian, TF, Gore, Sex/NSFW, ETC. Please Keep in mind that i can only recommend 15-18+ to roleplay these, If you wish to!

I am in fandoms I'm quite comfortable with, Such as:

- Modern Objects

- Inanimate Insanity

- Object Terror

- The Object Show Movie (Part 3 is possibly a bit delayed)

- Paper Puppets Take 2

- Object LockOut

- Object Invasion

- Animated Inanimate Battle 

- Aggretsuko

- My Hero Academia (Maybe)

- Monica'S Gang/Monica And Friends (Brazilian franchise)

- Animaniacs (Mostly the 2020 reboot)

- MovieUnleashers/Dragon Dane Shorts (Youtube series that created "Starters")

- Barnyard (Sometimes...?)

- Fanime (Specially when i'm making anime versions of stuff i like/love/dislike/hate)

- Nintendo (I think :/)

- MLP Fandom (Mostly "Friendship Is Magic", But not "Pony Life" anymore)

- JewelPet

- Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart

- The Banana Splits Series (Horror version, But i'm okay with that movie)

- The Snoopy Show (Peanuts reboot by WildBrain on AppleTV+)

- Eddsworld

- The Henry Stickmin Collection

- Blue Sky Studios (Huge tribute for april 2021) 

- Cartoon Network (Mainly the old-school CN) 

- SML/SuperMarioLogan (2010's only!)

- Shopkins (DON'T JUDGE ME!)

- Untitled Goose Game (That game is funny, Heh!)